Aqua-Hot Service Center


CSRA Camperland is proud to be a certified Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system repair service center.



With our certified technicians, we know exactly how to keep your Aqua-Hot in top operating condition by offering one-of-a-kind service for your unit and completing thorough inspections working to lower the risk of unexpected failure of any components.


Monthly Maintenance

In addition to providing reliable care for your unit, it is important to visually check the coolant levels in the expansion tank. The water and antifreeze solution should stay at a ratio of 67/33.


Annual Maintenance

An inspection of all components is necessary annually:

  • Tune up of the diesel burner
  • Replacement of the fuel nozzle and filter
  • Fuel lines need to be tightened, if necessary
  • Photocell cleaned to remove built up carbon deposits
  • Cleaning of combustion chamber and mixing valve


What is Hydronic Heating?

Essentially, the Aqua-Hot system innovatively combines a water heater and furnace into one unit by holding water, heating it and then keeping hot for hours. Aqua-Hot heating systems use hydronic heating tubes to run hot liquid into heat exchanges that disperse heated air into your unit’s living area. Warm air flows into your living area through quiet, gently circulating fans. Gentle circulation keeps your interior air pressure even, preventing existing interior heat from being forced out and lost through cracks around windows and doors. Additionally, your motorhome achieves instant hot water as water from your water supply pumps through the piping that is heated in your Aqua-Hot unit and then delivered to your faucets. The hydronic heating systems also frees you from the hassle of propane and allows you to achieve independent heating zones throughout your motorhome.


For more information on the Aqua Hot hydronic heating system, contact us today.


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