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  • Published on Jul 28, 2014
    Weather Sayings and Folklore

    Weather Sayings and Folklore

    RV Travel and camping is fun for the whole family, but unexpected events can prevent your road trips from reaching their next destination. Mother nature has a mind of her own when it comes to weather related changes in the environment. Here are a few old weather sayings and folklore that actually may be helpful to you on your RV travels this summer. 

    "Red sky night, sailors' delight; red sky morning, sailors take warning" - High pressure systems bring warm, dry air and can sometimes suspend dust particles in the air. When the sun sets through those dust particles it gives the sky a "red" appearance. Low pressure systems usually follow a high pressure system, so if the "red sky" is seen in the morning it usually means that the high pressure system is moving out of the area bringing in cooler, more moist air, which causes rain to develop. 

    "A ring around the sun or moon means rain is coming soon" - The ring or "halo" around the sun or moon is caused by light defracting through water droplets in the earth's upper atmosphere. When there is moisture in the air, you can usually expect rain. 

    These are just a couple examples of old weather folklore. What are some that you have heard? Do you follow any old wive's tales yourself?

    RV Weater Apps

    Weather apps are a great way to stay alert while traveling.  Weatherbug is a great app for android smartphones that uses realtime information to give you the most accurate forecasts. It provides the fastest weather alerts and uses your smartphone's location to provide up to date weather information anywhere you travel. The newest feature, SPARK Alert, gives you information on lighting strikes. It tells you how far away lightning is to your location so you can take cover earlier than before. 


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