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  • Published on May 11, 2016
    Top Products Found In Georgia

    Did you know that even though Georgia is known as the “Peach State” it actually comes in third in the country for peach production, getting beat out by California and South Carolina.  So why is Georgia so widely known for its peaches? Because it is known for producing the highest quality peaches in the nation, and we know that quality sometimes overrules quantity. This statistic got us thinking, what else is Georgia known for? We’ve compiled a list of the top goods produced in the state.

    Like many other states in the country, Georgia has a large farming and agriculture community.  They produce many different agricultural commodities that are shipped all over the country.  Their top 5 agricultural commodities include:

    1.     Peanuts and Pecans- Georgia is actually the top producer of peanuts in the nation.

    2.     Poultry- Georgia is host to the world’s largest poultry convention

    3.     Cotton- Second in the nation for cotton production

    4.     Peaches – 3rd in the nation for peach production

    5.     Chicken Eggs - In the top 5 for egg production in the United States


    Other products that come from Georgia are:

    1.     Lays potato chips- The Company’s production plant is located in Atlanta and shipped all over the world.

    2.     Hostess Ding Dongs and Twinkies- Two of the most popular products produced by hostess are manufactured in Columbus

    3.     Vidalia Onions- Grown and shipped from Georgia, the Vidalia onion is the state vegetable of Georgia

    4.     Coca-Cola- First production of the soft drink was started in Atlanta in 1886. 

    So, the next time you are traveling through Georgia, make sure you pick up some of these hot commodities produced in the great Peach State.

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