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  • Published on Aug 12, 2014
    Storage Saving Tips

    Storage Tips

    When traveling in your RV for extended periods of time with several people, space can be severely limited. One of the biggest challenges can be finding a place to put everything you need and still be able to walk around.

    Luckily living in the 21st century has provided us with numerous contraptions and products to help us maximize our storage space.

    Here are some great ways to get more storage and less clutter in your RV.

    1. Hanging Containers for Toiletries

    One of the biggest space eaters occurs in the bathroom where toothbrushes, razors, straighteners, hair and body products can be thrown about everywhere.

    These simple containers can hang on the bathroom door and are great for putting products and toiletries in. Having a clear bathroom counter will not only help your clutter, it can also be a lot more sanitary.

    2. Add Slide-Out Drawers Under your Tables

    If your RV is one of your main living sources for a long period of time, storing office supplies among other things can be tricky.

    By adding drawers that slide-out under tables, you can store extra office supplies, kitchen equipment and essentials that might get thrown out because you don’t have enough space. 

    If you are in the slide-out mood, slide-out cutting boards and slide-out end tables can be great space savers as well! The more storage you can fit in places that can be tucked away are things you want to add to your RV.

    3. Shoe Organizers don’t Always Have to be for Shoes

    Shoe Organizers are perfect storage spots for medium sized items. They can easily hang on any door and usually offer a lot of different sized holes for various sized items.

    Take advantage of these to store any tools, small towels, washcloths and more. 

    As long as you don’t use them for shoes, you will be getting great storage saving from them!

    CSRA Camperland

    We hope these storage tips encourage you to get the clutter out and start getting your RV organized. If you need a list of great storage parts, visit our online parts store! There you will find numerous items that will make living in your RV stress and clutter free.

    The most important thing to remember about your RV is that the more you organize and keep stuff clean, the better off your RV experience will be. Being organized means that more things can go smoothly and you and your crew can live a clutter-free life which makes everyones mood a little better. 

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