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  • Published on Mar 13, 2014

    How to Prepare Your RV

    It’s that time of year! Go get your RV out of storage and get your spring off to a fresh start with some RV Spring Cleaning. We know that Spring Cleaning always involves a little elbow grease and effort, but don’t worry, your hard work will pay off! As always, half the battle with Spring Cleaning is having the attitude to do it, so make it fun. Take the family out and have some competitions, or simply turn on your favorite music, order some pizza, and have at it! If you are new to the RV world or are a seasoned RVer, here are some tips that everyone should keep in mind when cleaning out their RV.

    1. Get Organized

    Ultra Compact Quick Cart A lot of the same things you do when cleaning your house can also be applied to cleaning out your RV. Look for items that you don’t use or are unnecessary to have when you are traveling. RVs can be a little packed depending on the size of your vehicle and family, so cleaning out any excess items for extra room is always a good idea. If you do need to carry a lot of items in your RV, then make use of space savers. There are many great products that can help you not only get organized, but also save space when traveling. Here are some products that can be found in our online parts store to help you with storage.

    • Coghlan's Ltd. Dunk Bag This bag can do it all. Use it as a toy bag, laundry bag, or simply a bag to put items in.
    • Dbest Products Inc Ultra Compact  Quik Cart Not only is this storage cart sturdy and compact, it can also be used as extra seating if need be. Great for storing camping items or groceries to save room in your cupboard.

    2. Clean

    No one wants to travel in a dirty RV, so make sure that your RV is fresh and ready to go by cleaning both the insides and outsides. Take a vacuum to the inside carpets and really clean the kitchen area as well, making sure no grime or grease is left over from the last time you used your kitchen. Also, check for bugs or the always pesky mice to see if any creature decided to make your RV their home over the winter. On the outside give your RV a nice wash, making sure to get the under belly as well as the wheel wells to make sure there is no left over snow built up that could cause service issues down the road.

    3. Maintenance

    Making sure that your RV is able to handle long distance travel demands is very important. If you have some RV knowledge and usually handle your RVs maintenance, here is a list of things to remember before taking your RV out on the first trip of the new season.

    • Inspect your vehicle, looking for signs of damage to the inside or outside
    • Test the battery to make sure it is functioning
    • Flush the water systems
    • Test all appliances and equipment such as radio and generators
    • Rotate tires or replace if needed
    • Change the oil, filters and spark plugs
    • Have the fuel injection system serviced

    CSRA Camperland

    If you want your RV serviced by professionals who know RVs inside and out, then take it down to our service shop here at CSRA Camperland. We offer professional service by qualified, friendly staff for any and all RVs. If you have any questions regarding our services or want to schedule an appointment, call us at  800-568-2772 or fill out our online contact form. Good luck cleaning and safe travels!  

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