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  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
    RVing with Kids

    What to do When RVing with Kids

    “Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” “I have to go to the bathroom!”

    All of these sayings sound familiar? If you have ever traveled with kids, chances are you’ve heard these a time or two…Of course, it’s fun to get away for a week or long weekend and set out on the open road, but traveling with kids can be tough. Here are a few tips on making your next RV trip a little easier and provide ideas on what to do when RVing with kids.

    On The Road

    • Depending on where you are traveling to and how long you will be on the road, plan for stops every 2-3 hours. It’ll give everyone the chance to get out and stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Some rest areas have playgrounds so if your kids are able to play it’ll give them a chance to get some energy out before heading back out on the road.
    • Finding the right time of day to travel can help make things easier on everyone too. If you can travel late at night or early in the morning while the kids can still sleep, it’ll make for less time that they have to spend awake in the car. 
    • Pack snack, and lots of them.  Eating on the road can take a hit to your wallet, so if you can, prepare meals and snacks ahead of time so you can travel right through meal time. 
    • Play games while driving. These could include games such as ISpy, the license plate game (try to see how many different states you can count on the license plates), or a made up game of your own. The Mystery Bag game is a favorite. Pack 10 different items into brown paper bags. These items could be snacks, travel games, toys, etc. Put one item into each back and number them. Every hour that you are in the car you have your kids guess a number 1-10, picking a different number every time until the bags run out or you stop driving. It’s a surprise in a bag every hour!
    • Stop at roadside attractions along the way. It can be fun to discover different places with your kids that you wouldn’t normally stop at. Kids have a whole different perspective on what’s cool and interesting and it can actually open up your eyes to new experiences.

    Where to Stay

    Campgrounds can be your go-to for camping but it’s not very fun for the kids when they don’t have activities to keep them occupied. Picking a themed RV park offers the best of both. Places such as Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks have locations all over the United States.  It’s the perfect RV resort for camping and entertainment. The parks feature live appearances of Yogi Bear characters, waterparks and play zones to keep the kids entertained while camping.  Camp Disney is another example of a themed RV park.  Disney has its own campground on the property that has a waterslide, horseback riding, and canoeing to name a few activities.  There is also a shuttle to the Disney parks so you don’t have to worry about driving to and from. It keeps the kids entertained without leaving the campgrounds.

    Things to Do

    Explore Nature at your National Parks.  Most National parks in the U.S. not only have a multitude of activities for the family like hiking and biking trails, but they offer Junior ranger programs put on by the park service as well.  Kids get the opportunity to learn about the National park while experiencing what it’s like to be a ranger in one. Some activities include guided hikes and workbooks complete with types of animals and trees they have to identify along the way. To find out about ranger programs at a national park you plan to visit, go to www.nps.org .

    If you are traveling to a beach, spend the day at one. Have a picnic, fly kites, feed the seagulls, build sand castles as a family and search for seashells to take home.  If your kids have never been to a beach before it can be an experience all in its own.

    Traveling to the mountains? Take the kids skiing or snowshoeing.  Ski resorts offer kid programs to teach them the basics of tackling the slopes and trekking through the snowy terrain (if older).

    No matter what you do or where you go while RVing with your kids, it’s about spending quality time and making memories that last. 

    CSRA Camperland

    Traveling with kids may mean you want to ensure your RV is up to date on all of the necessary maintenance and repairs needed.  The last thing you want is to break down on the side of the highway with impatient children in tow.  The service team at CSRA Camperland can offer top notch service inspections on any RV. Call today to schedule your RV check up! 800-568-2772 or visit www.csracamperland.com

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