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  • Published on Sep 27, 2014

    An RV on Water?!

    John and June Giljam of Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC (CAMI) have been designing automobiles that can be used on water for years.  Their ideas come from requests of their followers and from their own personal wants and needs.  So, when they couldn’t agree on whether or not to own an RV or own a Boat, they compromised and built the Amphibious Terra Wind RV. 

    First made known to the world on Good Morning America in July of 2003, the Terra Wind RV was the first RV ever built that can drive on land and float in water.

     The Specs: Measuring in at 42.5 ft long and weighing almost 35,000 lbs this motor home was built like a yacht with a fiberglass body and foam core to be light enough to float on water but durable enough to withstand the elements of the rough road terrain.  An aluminum boat hull allows for easy transition when entering the water. The exterior is finished with 20 gallons of waterproof paint to keep the outside looking brand new.  It was designed with a 3.5ft draft to allow the vehicle to float in water with ease.

    The Amenities: This aqua RV was made to provide its owners with all the luxuries of a motor home and a boat in one complete package.  The rear of the RV is equipped with a fold out swim deck that can be accessed through a sliding door from the main living quarters.  Swimmers can enter and exit the water via a fold down step ladder below the water level and light up hand rails for support.  There is a shower unit off the back that supplies both hot and cold water if swimmers need to spray off after a quick dip.

    The inside is built like a luxury motor home. Leather furniture and high quality carpet adorn the main living area.  A 42” plasma TV with 600 watt stereo surround sound is mounted above the cockpit.  The kitchen is finished with granite countertops, marble ceramic tile flooring, and high end appliances.  The bath is equipped with an 8 jet spa bathtub and shower combo, marble sinks and granite countertops; and the bedroom is fitted with a 12” pillow top queen size bed, a 24” built in TV, and 30” slide outs to allow for more living space. 

    How it works: How does a 42” RV go from driving on land to driving in the water? Well, the Terra Wind RV is wired to automatically switch from a road transmission to marine transmission once the wheels hit the water. There are 2 rotors that propel the RV through the water up to 7 knots, and up to 80 mph on land.  The rig can be controlled with a single joystick that operates the rudder to steer the RV.  Optional extras include GPS and compass navigation for use on land or in the water, and optional weather radar and sonar. When you are ready to exit the water, the marine transmission switches back to road transmission once the front wheels hit pavement and the brake is released. 

    The Amphibious Terra Wind RV is for use in freshwater rivers and lakes but not for ocean travel.  Since its debut in 2003, outriggers have been added to increase stability so the slide outs can be deployed during water use.

    If this sounds like something you’d enjoy for yourself or just want to see what an amphibious RV looks like, check John and Julie’s company out by visiting www.camillc.com . You can also view this water RV in action by visiting the travel channel website http://www.travelchannel.com/video/winnebago-boat-adventure

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