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  • Published on Jun 24, 2015
    Fun Camping Games

    Fun Camping Games for the Whole Family

    There’s no doubt about it, when traveling with kids there are going to be times when you hear those famous words “I’m Bored!”  Whether it is downtime in between travel destinations or at night while you just want to sit and relax by the campfire but your kids are all hyped up on sugar from the umpteen S’mores they just consumed.  Here are a few camping game ideas to help kill the time that are fun for the whole family.

    Organized Games

    Heads UP!

    Using the wonderful technology of our smart phones, you can download this game right to your phone and use anywhere that you have reception.  The basic concept is one person holds the phone up to their forehead with the screen facing the other players.  A word will pop up on the screen and the other players give you clues to try to get you to guess what word or phrase is on the screen.  You have approximately 60 seconds to get as many as you can correct.  Once your turn is over you pass to the next player for their turn.  There are different categories to choose from such as “80’s” and “animals” or just an “everything” category; you can also choose an “Adult” version which offers more suggestive words that may not be favorable to play around children.  Heads Up is the perfect game to play to test your knowledge and test your friends and families ability to describe under pressure.

    Spot It! Gone Camping

    Spot it! Is a game that’s fun for both kids and adults.  It tests your visual skills, scanning and focus skills, and helps develop fine motor skills and cognitive speed. The object is to find as many matches as you can between cards before the other players.  The trick is that there is only one matching symbol between any 2 cards; with over 55 cards to flip through.  It’s a race to be the first to match a symbol with the card being played before the other players, and be the first to empty your hand of all your cards.  Spot it! Is a great game to keep the kids entertained while on the road or at your campsite.

    Activity Games

    Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

    A little spin on the classic game of ring toss and easy to make yourself.  This is a perfect game to play at night, for adults or kids.  All you need is a dozen glow in the dark necklaces and 2 sticks you find at your campsite or 2 pieces of small PVC pipe that you can stick into the ground.  Separate the poles about 20-25 feet apart, or however far apart your campsite will allow, and take turns throwing the necklaces (6 per player) at the poles to see who can get the most rings around them. You can play in teams or with 2 individual players depending on the number of people who want to participate.  To add a little more fun, make it a tournament style, with one winner gaining bragging rights; something kids LOVE!

    Sure Shot, with water guns

    Another game that you can make yourself is Sure Shot.  This game is kind of set up like a target practice, but instead of aiming for bull’s-eyes, you are aiming at golf balls. Basically, you can drill 6 small holes into a 2”x4” about 2 inches apart, big enough so that a golf tee will fit down in there but do not go all the way through.  Place the tees in the holes and place golf balls on top of the tees. Then, using water guns of your choosing, take turns seeing who can knock the most golf balls off the tees in 30 seconds. Start by standing about 5 feet away with small water guns, and about 10 feet away with super-soaker type guns, to make it a little more challenging.  This game is good for kids and adults and can be great game to play on a hot day since most super soaker games usually end in water fights.

    Getting the whole family involved in playing games is a great way to bond and build relationships with each other.  So instead of sticking kids in front of video games or shoving tablets at them when they are bored, give them something fun to do that helps them interact with the whole family.

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