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  • Published on May 27, 2015
    Camping Weather Safety Tips

    Camping Weather Safety Tips

    Outdoor adventurers know that any kind of activity can easily be ruined by Mother Nature herself.  Weather plays a vital role in your plans for outdoor activities so it’s best to be prepared in the event you get caught in a severe weather situation.  Here are some camping weather safety tips to help you prepare for the worst.

    Weather Information

    It is best to be prepared for all types of weather when traveling and camping outdoors.  Be sure to listen to weather reports before you set out for your outdoor adventures, and keep yourself informed by checking into a weather radio station, weather apps on your phone or tablet, and watching weather reports on the TV if possible.  Weather can change overnight, so what you thought was going to be a beautiful, sunny weekend away could turn into a stormy disaster in a matter of hours.


    Lightning can happen even without a major thunderstorm present and can still cause damage wherever it reaches.  If you are out camping and see lighting, the best thing to do is to get to the lowest point possible away from any isolated trees.  The safest place, if you are among trees, is a forest or ravine.  Seek shelter inside your camper or car, never in a tent.  If there is a nearby building, you can take refuge inside the building until the storm is done.  Stay out of lakes and rivers seeing as water is a good conductor of electricity.

    Flash Flooding

    Heavy amounts of rain or slow moving storms can cause slow streams to turn into raging rivers, set to wipe out anything in its path.  Don’t camp near rivers or streams if storms or heavy rain is possible.  If caught in a flash flood warning, seek higher ground immediately.  Don’t try to cross streams or rivers or flooded roadways, your camper may end up in the next town. Evacuating your campsite early is the best possible prevention for flash flooding.

    Severe weather/tornadoes

    Severe weather and tornadoes can happen in an instant.  Tornadoes can jump from one city to the next; from one side of town to the other.  If a severe weather or tornado warning is issued, get out of any exposed areas.  Seek shelter in the nearest concrete structure possible and leave your camper or RV behind. They will not offer protection against high winds.  If stuck outside without shelter, find the lowest lying area possible. Stay away from trees which can get struck by lightning and collapse with the high winds. If a tornado approaches, go to the lowest level possible of the shelter, away from any doors or windows.  Don’t leave the shelter until you are sure the storm has passed. 


    In all cases of severe weather, preparation is key.  So make sure to pack appropriately for any type of weather situation that you may encounter.  Pack rain gear, flashlights, extra batteries of all sizes, matches and lanterns if your power goes out, and a portable weather radio so you can take it with you while out exploring.  Always check to see if your campsite has safety and evacuation procedures for severe weather. If they have a severe weather shelter, know where it is located from your campsite.  If your campground does not have a shelter, know where the nearest shelter is located in the closest town to your campsite.  And as always, don’t panic! Staying calm during severe weather situations will prevent you from making decisions that could be life threatening. 

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