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  • Published on Nov 04, 2014
    Awesome Camping Tents

    Be the Cool Kid at the Campground

    When it comes to camping technology, tents are usually thought of as the hardest to innovate. I mean it's a tent right? How much cooler can a tent get? Well if you need an answer, tents are becoming a lot cooler now than they were 5 years ago!

    Take these three examples of crazy tents that just might be the future of camping as we know it.

    Dew Drop Tents

    These fancy tents hang from trees and resemble a giant raindrop. The tents are made to be very spacious and luxurious while also allowing you to still be in touch with nature. I mean you are hanging from a tree, how closer to nature can you get!? Made of a steel frame that is wrapped in canvas, the tents are lastly topped with a cloth roof that is great for keeping any unwanted visitors out of your tent.

    Since you are hanging from a tree, the tent has a wooden floor with a round and very comfortable mattress that is sturdy and safe. Also you get great lighting from the sun during the day. If you want a truly unique camping adventure, a dew drop tent is just the tent you need!

    GigWam Tent

    The GigWam tent is one of the only tent systems that we could find. What is a tent system you might ask? A tent system is a system of tents that conjoin to form basically a tent community. After years of research, the company GigWam states that these tents are "the product of years of research and understanding of what is required by the modern camping customer."

    The GigWam tent is deisgned for community camping such such as at festivals or outdoor events. The unique features of the Gigwam include a tunnel that can be used to connect to other Gigwams allowing groups of friends to stay connected while camping. Imagine not having to go outdoors between tents to say hi to your friends. In the GigWam you are all connected!

    The Nyamuk 

    The Nyamuk is one of the more cooler tents we came across. Not only is it a sleeping bag, but it is also a hammock. Not only is it a hammock, but it is also a mosquito net. The Nyamuk is a do it all tent that has several functions. It can transform from a compact sleeping bag to a full tent, to a hammock complete with mosquito net. Made from super light polyester, the entire structure is supported by one pole so assembly is a breeze. The tent is not made for rough and wild camping excursions, but rather for the more relaxed vacation where you just need something comfortable and fun to sleep in! 

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